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We all love getting a refund. Getting a few bucks back always feels good. How would it feel to get thousands back? Well, it would feel great, of course.

A home buyer rebate can be an effective tool for saving money when buying a home. Legal in the state of Washington, a rebate can put money back in the buyer’s pocket to save expenses on your move.

A Buyer rebate can be used in multiple ways. 

  • Credit Towards Buyer’s Closing Costs IF approved by Lender. (Rebates need to be disclosed with your lender upfront and very early in the transaction)

  • Lower the price of the home for the rebate amount.

  • Cash at closing to be used however the Buyer wants.

WHAT IS the Buyer Rebate?

Real Estate by You will refund 1%* of the Buyer Agent Commission offered in MLS

     *Based on a minimum of 2.5% commission


WHAT is included in the Buyer Agent Service?

  • Setup Collaborative Center with detailed search engine Click Here to View More Info

  • Show as many homes as it takes to find “the one”

  • Buyers’ Market Analysis on property they want to purchase

  • Write/Present/Negotiate offers until Mutual Acceptance is secured

  • Negotiate Home Inspection(s)

  • Monitor transaction through closing

  • Deliver Keys!

How does a Buyer Qualify for the rebate?

  • Get pre-approved by a reputable lender. (We can recommend)

  • Drive by all properties prior to being shown interior. (This saves us all time)

  • Use Electronic signatures

  • Sign Buyer Agency Agreement when submitting an offer

    • REBY doesn't require clients to sign a buyer's agency agreement until they submit an offer on a home. The agreement is necessary only to ensure that there are no misunderstandings regarding the commission and the client's refund. If the offer isn't accepted, there's no obligation to continue working with REBY. If you're ever unhappy with our service, you can cancel your agreement at any time

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