The Real Estate industry is constantly changing and evolving, and consumers are the happy benefactors! At Real Estate by YOU, we believe that the way we do business should change with the times.

At Real Estate by You, LLC we feel that the equity in your home is hard earned and doesn’t need to be eaten up by expensive real estate commissions.


How can a Seller save their hard-earned equity?

Advances in technology have made the selling and buying process more streamlined than ever before. The MLS feeds listings into numerous websites that can be viewed locally, regionally, even globally.

Storing documents in the “cloud” has become so popular that transactions have become paperless, saving paper and ink cartridges. Now with e-signatures, which are considered legal, there is no reason to start up the car and spend time and gas, just to get a signature.

At Real Estate by you, LLC we feel if a seller is willing and able to take advantage of all the technology that is available to save money, they should.


The Power of Choice

At Real Estate by YOU, we believe that every combination of Homeowner and Property are unique and should have the choice to determine the level of service that fits their unique set of circumstances. From the most basic services to comprehensive service, the decision is yours.

It’s Your choice, It’s Your money!